VIDEO: Burglar walks around home as kids sleep nearby

ORLANDO, FL (WCMH) — A frightening video shows the burglar breaking in and searching a house while children are sleeping in the room.

“When I saw it, my jaw dropped,” homeowner Al Vera told WKMG.

In the video, the burglar pushes his way into the home and creeps around in the darkness looking for items to steal. Vera’s grandchildren, 10 and 13 years old, are asleep just feet away.

“They were all in the living room sleeping, and he just walks right around in between them,” Vera said, describing the video.

The suspect continues to walk around the house before deciding to steal one of the kid’s cellphone.

What’s even scarier is the suspect’s lookout, who waited near the front door with a gun in hand.

“God forbid what could of happened if one of us got up,” Vera told WKMG.

Since the break in, Vera has added new locks and said he’ll be adding more light to the outside of his home.

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