VIDEO: Sorting through ballot confusion with songs and cartoons


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — If you feel this election has left you mostly frustrated and confused, you are certainly not alone.

But KRON4’s Vicki Liviakis is here with help.

The number of state propositions is the most since the year 2000.

And so how do you know, with all those ads, who’s telling the truth?

Instead of tearing out your hair, or giving up altogether, we found a couple of unique ways to help you cut through the noise.

With 17 statewide props, ranging from pot to condoms in porn flicks, there’s a lot to digest.

Open up your voting guide and you’re faced with 224 pages. It’s like reading a novel.

But how about explaining it all in a song.

This little ditty from the California Voter Foundation breaks down everything into a quick proposition song.

It is kinda catchy.

Then there’s this–See political. It’s a non-profit that kicks out cartoons to try and explain the convoluted election process, from the maze of state propositions, to the electoral process, to the most curious of them all, the presidential race.

And the best news is an answer to the burning voter question–whether you can leave some items blank.

You can because it’s not a test.


Watch the above video to see Vicki’s full report.

Political cartoons from See Political:

Full song from the California Voter Foundation:

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