VIDEO: Evidence of vermin forces closure of two Hometown Buffets in Santa Clara County



SAN JOSE (KRON) — Evidence of vermin forced the Santa Clara County Health Department to shut down two restaurants, and both are Hometown Buffets located in the county.

KRON4 just saw a pest control company leave the parking lot on Friday night, but they would not comment on what they found.

One restaurant shut down is located at 408 N. Capitol Ave. in San Jose. A sign on the door is posted that tells customers the restaurant is temporarily closed for the day. vlcsnap-2016-10-28-19h36m07s124

The health department did confirm there was evidence of vermin at a location in Santa Clara, as well as the one in San Jose.

KRON4 did talk to customers, who didn’t know about the issue until KRON4 told them.

“Oh my goodness! Rats, mice, vermin….It’s kind of sad that this is happening to this particular one because of where it’s centrally located,” customer Stephany Walker said.

KRON4 was told the San Jose location is going to reopen for business on Saturday.

KRON4 did try to talk with employees inside the restaurant but they would not comment.

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