Marin County conducts compliance checks of sex offenders as Halloween approaches

MARIN COUNTY (KRON)—Probation officers in Marin County arrested one person during a compliance check of sixteen people on Friday as Halloween approaches, according to county officials.

Novato police detectives and county sheriff’s deputies conducted unannounced compliance checks on registered sex offenders and 15 were in compliance.

The offender who was arrested did not disclose or register the address where they are currently living.

The compliance checks were made in the cities of Fairfax, San Anselmo, Corte Madera, San Rafael and Novato.

Probation officers say they want children to have a safe Halloween.

Officers say Halloween is a high-risk time for sex offenders.

Probation officers searched the homes of sex offenders and looked for items that would violate their probation. They’re computers, phones and other electronic devices were also checked by officers.

Probation department officials are mostly focusing on offenders who will most likely strike again, according to county officials.

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