Residents remember Castro District Halloween shooting

AP Photo

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — It has been ten years since violence struck the historic block party in San Francisco’s Castro District, and now people are hoping the party will come back.

Ten years ago at a block party in the Castro District when a suspect opened fire on the crowd hitting nine people, one woman was trampled as the crowd started to flee. The incident resulted with the block party cancelled by city officials.

Despite the shooting that occurred ten years ago, fans of the block party are hopeful city officials will bring back the iconic party, like Adela Dominguez

“Kind is miss it because I know they tried to move it to downtown by civic center and it wasn’t the same, so I don’t know, I mean it’s just something about the Castro, having it here to celebrate. It’s just kind of sad that we don’t do that anymore.”

Businesses have also spoke out, and share the loss that the community is feeling.

This year swarms of people in their costumes continue to show up and celebrate Halloween in the Castro District.

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