VIDEO: Student in Arkansas expelled from fraternity after blackface costume

CONWAY, A.R.(KRON)—An University of Central Arkansas student has been expelled from his fraternity after he posted a picture of his blackface costume on Instagram.

Senior Brenton Johnson shocked at a photo on his phone.

“I instantly was upset,” Johnson said. “Like, I got angry because it was a clear and blanket disrespect.”

It appears to show a white student in blackface.

The photo, posted to a private Instagram account then shared, says it was taken at the “Sigma Tau Gamma” house.

“Right now, I know the minority and the Black community is really offended by this.”

Several students on campus telling us the fraternity organized a Halloween party Friday night

University of Central Arkansas president saying the Student Affairs Division is investigating.

“It goes against everything that we teach, that we believe and what we stand for,” said Tom Courtway, president of University of Arkansas.

School officials not speculating yet on punishment, but say anything is possible.

“This representation or picture does not represent the views or the values of this institution,” Courtway said. “We, as I said we are a very diverse body.”

The student, whose name we’re not releasing because of death threats, says he issued an apology on his Instagram account.

“I apologize from the bottom of my heart and absolutely never intended this to happen the way that it did. I never ever would have done this if i would have known the domino effect that follow(ed).”

“Some action does need to be taken,” student Brenton Johnson said.

While students like Johnson wait for the investigation to wrap up, they’re hoping this is a good learning opportunity for some.

“You educate people, you let them know how it made you feel and hopefully they will take that into consideration,” Johnson said.

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