Oakland International Airport unveils new pre-check program for the holidays

OAKLAND (BCN) — Just ahead of the holiday travel season, Oakland International Airport has opened a temporary enrollment center for the Transportation
Security Administration’s Pre-Check program, which lets prescreened, low-risk passengers go quickly through security, airport officials said.

The expedited screening program is located at Terminal 2 and will be open for three weeks starting today and ending on Nov. 18, according to the airport.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the travel experience for our customers,” airport director of aviation Bryant Francis said in a statement. “This is an opportune time for Bay Area residents and other travelers to join the TSA Pre-Check program here locally, and we’re pleased to partner with TSA to offer this convenient amenity now.”

The program allows travelers to go through security in a more efficient way, eliminating the need to remove shoes and allowing laptops to stay in their cases. Also, light outerwear and belts can remain on, according to airport officials.

To apply, applicants are encouraged to pre-enroll online at http://www.identogo.com/locations/tsa-pre.

There, applicants can click on “Apply Now!” and fill out steps one through four. Once at step four, applicants must type in “Oakland, CA” as their location and then choose Oakland International Airport.

After clicking “next” at the bottom of the screen, enrollees can then select an appointment time, where the application will be completed at the airport.

At the appointment, enrollees must bring proof of identification and U.S. citizenship, such as a U.S. passport or birth certificate with a valid driver’s license.

Enrollees will then have their fingerprints taken and background check performed and an $85 application fee good for five years of membership will be collected. The fee can only be paid with credit card, money order or a certified cashier’s check, according to airport officials.

“We’d like to see participation not just from those who happen to be traveling during the event dates, but from any of our customers in Oakland
and throughout the Bay Area who would love to benefit from the convenience of expedited screening,” Francis said.

Travelers considering applying for the program should take note that not all airlines participate in the Pre-Check program. For a list of participating airlines, travelers can visit https://www.tsa.gov/precheck-participating-airlines/.

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