VIDEO: Mysterious fliers covered with racist messages pop up on Walnut Creek parked cars


WALNUT CREEK (KRON) — Mysterious fliers covered with racist messages are once again popping up on parked cars in Walnut Creek.

The fliers have already been found at at least one BART station. They are now appearing on cars parked in Walnut Creek.

This past weekend, the flyers appeared on cars parked at a condo complex along Oak Road in Walnut Creek. They are colorful, professional looking, and covered with what appears to be utter nonsense.

But within the gibberish are a few words that might be considered anti-semitic. Residents who found them said they were mostly just puzzled.

“I thought it was some deranged guy doing it. It made no sense whatsoever,” resident Keyvan Nouri said.

If the leaflets look familiar, it could be because a few weeks ago, the exact same fliers appeared on cars parked at the Lafayette BART station. In that case, BART said that the man who was leaving them may have also threatened someone.

BART police identified a suspect, but in the end, the district attorney declined to press charges, citing a lack of evidence.

On Monday, KRON4 contacted Walnut Creek police who said they were aware of these new fliers. They also claim to know who is responsible.

Police also said the man who made them suffers from mental health issues. but he has so far not violated the law and is not facing any charges.

Back at the condo complex, neighbors hope they have seen the last of the fliers and their creator.

“And the guy is probably deranged, so he needs to be psychologically evaluated, something like that,” Nouri said.

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