VIDEO: Half the computers down at Fremont DMV, customers report 2-hour delays


FREMONT (KRON) — More trouble for Bay Area DMV customers–this time in the City of Fremont.

Half of the computers were down at the Fremont DMV on Tuesday, and customers said they are experiencing at least 2-hour delays.

“Customers may experience delays but we are not down in Fremont and we are not turning away customers,” DMV spokesman Artemio Armenta said.

All transactions are being processed, even with a limited number of windows, Armenta said.

“We have one processor working instead of two processors,” Armenta said. “This means that eight windows are open instead of 16. This is not affecting the actual processing of ID and vehicle registration transactions.”

Despite 50 percent of their computers not working, those with appointments are being serviced quickly in Fremont.

The Fremont DMV’s problems come after a massive computer outage last week impacting two-thirds of the state’s DMV offices.

At this time, two of the state’s 188 DMV offices remain completely shut down.

Those offices are in Oceanside and Costa Mesa.

The DMV confirms to KRON4 not a single other DMV in the Bay Area is experiencing delays or issues.


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