VIDEO: Battle brewing between Marin County residents, group of people living in RVs


SAN RAFAEL (KRON) — A battle is brewing between North Bay residents along a quiet county road and a group of people living in RVs who have parked nearby.

This past summer, the city banned parking recreational vehicles along city streets, forcing RV dwellers to move out of the city.

When the city implemented its ban on parking RVs along city streets, people who lived in recreational vehicles were faced with having their homes possibly ticketed or even towed. To avoid that drama, they fled to spots just outside the city where they could park without problems.

“There’s nothing in the Constitution or in the dictionary that says a home can’t have wheels on it…or have a motor on it,” Paul Schreps said.

Schreps is an advocate for several of the people who have settled along Woodland Avenue. He said that the city’s recent ban has put many of these people in a tight spot.

“It was threatening them, losing their property, their homes and all of their property without due process,” Schreps said.

But Woodland Avenue may not be a safe haven very long. Neighbors who live nearby, like Ed Kozlowski, are concerned about the impact the RVs could have on the neighborhood.

“It’s a bad image I think for RVs and trailers to park here, even though they could move after two or three days,” Kozlowski said.

He’s also worried that the RV dwellers may dump trash or sewage along Woodland Avenue.

That was one of the reason’s the City of San Rafael claimed the ban was necessary.

“They’re cooking there, and they’re living there, and they have to get rid of their garbage. I don’t know if they are going to take it any place or if they’re just going to leave it on the roadside,” Kozlowski said.

Schreps denies that anyone is dumping anything along the roadway.

Moving forward, Schreps hopes to convince the city to lift the ban on parking within city limits.

Kozlowski says he’s working with the Marin County Board of Supervisors to change the parking rules along Woodland Avenue to possibly ban overnight parking.

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