VIDEO: KRON4 speaks to Martinez mayor about marijuana ballot measure


MARTINEZ (KRON) — One week from Tuesday, America goes to the polls to vote for the next President of the United States.

And in California, voters will decide on a number of ballot issues, including legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

Before that happens, several Bay Area cities are looking at ways to restrict the state proposition before it passes.

KRON4’s Maureen Kelly talked with the mayor of Martinez about the urgency ordinance they will consider Wednesday night.

“We want to be able to preserve our rights as a city,” mayor Rob Schroder said.

Martinez mayor Schroder and the city council are looking to get ahead of Proposition 64 since most polls show it passing next week.

“We anticipate it will,” Schroder said.

If it becomes law, Prop 64 would allow people to grow up to six plants. Martinez’s urgency ordinance would ban it from being cultivated outside, which is already the case with medical marijuana in the town.

The ordinance would also put in safety regulations for indoor growing of both medical and recreational pot.

“Regulating, lighting the wattage of lightning, you have to have a fire extinguisher present, you can’t overload your electrical system,” Schroder said.

That is because indoor growing operations have been linked to fires.

If Prop 64 passes, the aspects of the law regarding personal use and possession go into effect as soon as the election is certified, which is why the city is taking this step now.

“Just trying to be ready and prepared and promote safety and reduce fires,” Schroder said.

Residents KRON4 talked to in downtown Martinez said they don’t like the idea of restricting outdoor growing.

Their reasons also involve safety.

The proposal goes before the city council Wednesday night.

Because it’s an urgency ordinance, it would only be in effect for two years, giving city leaders more time to consider how to deal with Prop 64 if it becomes law.

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