VIDEO: Mother warns about misuse of seat belts after accident nearly splits little girl in half


RICHMOND, Virginia (KRON) — A freak accident nearly split a little girl in half–literally, and her mother has an important warning for parents about the misuse of seat belts.

The parents made not one but two mistakes, and little Shelly Martin nearly died because of them.

In September, her dad crashed into a tree near Richmond Virginia.

The 6-year old was not in a booster seat when she should have been.

And her seat belt was only around her waist. The shoulder strap had been tucked behind her.

So, all the pressure from the seat belt was on her abdomen.

She was in the hospital for three weeks, and while she has lost the neck brace, the 6-year-old still has what they call a binder around her belly holding her together.

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