Vandals trash Santa Rosa High School theater, student play will go on

SANTA ROSA (BCN) —¬†Vandals trashed the Santa Rosa High School theater and destroyed props Halloween night, but the performance of the Greek tragedy “The Trojan Women” by Euripides will go on Friday.

The set’s Greek columns were overturned and CDs, lights, swords, and spears were broken, Theater Arts instructor Victoria Carpenter said.

Someone remade the wood props in a garage Tuesday night, and the high school’s ArtQuest program received supportive emails from around the country, Carpenter said.

The students’ rally in the wake of the damage was truly impressive, Principal Brad Coscarelli said Wednesday afternoon.

Santa Rosa police are investigating the vandalism and the school has offered a $100 reward for information, like how the vandals got into the theater.

Carpenter said the damage is estimated between $300 and $400, but the real loss is in the time the students spent on the play’s production since August.

“They were working until 6 p.m. It’s frustrating for them,” Carpenter said, “but we rebuilt all that we needed.”

People in the theater community offered costumes, and some made donations to the ArtQuest program.

The tragedy, written in 412 BC, is a tale about the fate of women after the sacking of Troy, the killings of their husbands and enslavement of their families.

The play runs Friday through Sunday this weekend and Thursday, Saturday and Sunday next weekend.

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