VIDEO: Illegal dumping becoming problem in Oakland residential areas, residents fed up


OAKLAND (KRON) — It used to be a problem just in industrial areas, but now, illegal dumping has moved to residential areas, especially in Oakland.

As KRON4’s Dan Kerman reports, residents are fed up, and the city is trying to just keep up with all the clean up.

Watch the above video to see Dan’s full report.

A year-and-a-half ago, Glenn Lovely bought a home in East Oakland. Shortly after his arrival, he discovered the cul-de-sac at the end of his street was a go-to spot for illegal dumping.

The problem has gotten so bad that lovely has now installed security cameras, which have caught the dumpers in the act. Video caught illegal dumping on Halloween.

The city has come to know Lovely due to his repeated requests for cleanup but he wants more done.

City officials have just earmarked $25,000 for more timely cleanup and to help identify and prosecute the dumpers.

Going after the violators is an idea many can get behind, including Ken Houston with the East Oakland beautification council.

For now, though, all the city can do is clean up.

And homeowners like Lovely are wondering where their breaking point will be.

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