ONLY on KRON4: Disturbing video appears to show Richmond special needs child being choked by school bus employee


RICHMOND (KRON) — Disturbing video appears to show a special needs child being choked by a school bus employee, and on Thursday night, the mother of that 11-year-old student is demanding answers.

The alleged assault happened on a school bus in Richmond.

The video starts with someone saying, “sit down”.

Just seconds later, you can hear cries for help.

The video then goes to black, but the audio continues to roll.

On Thursday, KRON4 spoke with the teen’s mother who feels like the school is ignoring what happened.

In the East Bay, a frustrated mother is demanding justice for her 11-year-old special needs son. She says he is traumatized after he and a fellow student were attacked by a bus monitor in April.

Alicia Singleton said the bus monitor choked her son and pinned him down with his knees.

She tells KRON4 she wants the bus monitor fired and/or arrested.

But after months of working to hold the man accountable, she said she gets the sense that everyone involved is just trying to sweep this incident under the rug.

Singleton says she trusted Catalyst Academy in El Sobrante to protect her special needs son.

That changed back in April when cellphone footage was captured showing 11-year-old Javares Singleton, and a fellow student, being attacked by a bus monitor.

“I am worried every day that he goes. I feel that he’s not safe there,” Singleton said. “I feel that I cannot trust the teachers. Every night, he’s having constant nightmares, waking up in the middle of the night.”

Singleton says Javares is traumatized and now has to take medication for nightmares.

On that day of the incident, the mother of three says she received a voicemail from a school administrator confirming that the bus monitor was responsible for the altercation.

“It was misconduct by the monitor of the bus that was creating the physical altercation this afternoon,” the voicemail said. “And we are confirming with the bus company that the bus driver will not again be on the bus with the students.”

But Singleton says parents told her the man on the video is still employed by the bus company, First Student.

Now, she’s demanding police take action.

“I would like to see this man arrested and possibly these boys compensated for their injury and their pain and suffering,” Singleton said. “I feel that they deserve that much.”

KRON4 reached out to First Student, and they have not yet responded.

KRON4 also spoke to Seneca Family of Agencies, a nonprofit that helps run the school. It said they did everything in their power to help.

They said they recommended the employee be fired and helped filed a police report.

According to the Contra Costa Unified District, that police report was inconclusive.

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