Berkeley’s homeless plan questioned

BERKELEY (KRON) — Debate has emerged if the Berkeley police department was too aggressive when removing homeless people from their encampment, Thursday night.

The area of Fairview and Adeline Streets in Berkeley are all cleaned after police cleared up the homeless camp around five in the morning, where about a dozens tents were providing shelter for some homeless people.

What started out as a confrontation, ended up having two people arrested, one of them is the Berkeley City Council candidate Nanci Temple-Armstrong. Her arrest was captured on video.

People who were there remembered the abrupt wake up call they received by the police, including Benjamin Royer.

“I was woken up with the cops actually yanking on the tarp that I was sleeping on,” Royer said. “They were grabbing stuff left and right without really giving us a chance to break it down or get it in vehicles.”

Residents have spoke out about the recent homeless crisis, including Richie Smith. Smith has been a resident in the Bay Area since 1949, and said things have become a lot worse in recent years.

“I would like for them to find some place where they could camp out and if it’s set up right, they can cultivate vegetables and do things to improve themselves and the community,” Smith said. “Rather than keep moving them around and then complaining about how much money it costs to move them around.”

Now it is reported that all the homeless people who lived in that encampment, now live in front of Berkeley’s City Hall.

Temple-Armstrong is still currently in jail or out on bail. The mayor of Berkeley and the police department have spoken out to recent arrest, and their next action regarding homeless encampments.

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