Fake Donald Trump quarters spotted in major U.S. cities

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Fake Donald Trump quarters have been spotted in several cities across the country.

What may appear to be a normal looking quarter, is in fact a fake. On the quarter you will see a side profile of Trump’s head, on top you will see the slogan “Take a Dump on Trump.”

Some of the locations where these coins have been sighted are New York City, Rhode Island, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Amarillo, Texas.

Several people have emailed KRON4 News and told us how they came across the coins.

Some of the coins have been spotted on the sidewalk, some have even been given to people as change when they were grocery shopping and one reported coming from a laundromat.

It is unclear who is responsible for making this coins, or how they are travelling.

Be sure to check the next time you are walking on a sidewalk, or given change from making a cash purchase.

If you happen to come across the Trump coins be sure to email us with your story and a photo.

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