Football player with Down Syndrome in Santa Rosa received a big surprise

SANTA ROSA (KRON) — A high school in Santa Rosa has gathered together to make a dream come true for a classmate on the football team with special needs.

KRON4’s Lydia Pantazes spoke with the teenager who has Down Syndrome, and how he stole the spotlight the spotlight during Friday nights football game.

Joe Geary, the team’s number 25, has been waiting for a night like this for a long time. In fact, he has been waiting for this all season. Geary does not typically play on the field, instead, he makes sure everyone on the team gets water.

Geary joined the team as a “hydration specialist,” but for the first time, Joe will be given the chance to play football for Montgomery High School in Santa Rosa.

Under the lights, right before the football game was going to begin, both teams made a play especially for Geary. Instead of giving his teammates water, he was able to run the ball down all the way to the end zone.

Everyone was able to celebrate Joe Geary in a moment that he himself will never forget.

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