Police arrest man having a sexual relationship with a minor in Newark

Photo Courtesy: Newark police department

NEWARK (KRON) — A man was arrested in Newark man in connection to having a sexual relationship with a minor, Saturday afternoon.

According to Newark police, 29-year-old John William Graham was arrested approximately at 3:39 p.m., Nov. 4 in his Newark home after police confirmed allegations of having a sexual relationship with a minor to be true.

Police said the female victim notified her family earlier this week which prompted the parent to call the police. After an investigation, NPD Detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Graham.

On Friday officers arrested Graham without incident, after being cooperative with the investigation and providing a statement that matched allegations made by the victim. Graham was arrested and booked and at the Fremont Jail.

Graham is the co-owner of Finesse Soccer Academy in Newark and is a consultant to the Newark Soccer Club.

According to authorities, personnel from the Newark Soccer Club are participating in this investigation. Police, however, believe that this was an isolated incident given the information uncovered by their investigation.

Anyone with information on this incident on this case is advised to notify the Newark police department.

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