Credit card skimmer found at Mill Valley gas station

MILL VALLEY (KRON)—The Marin County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about identity theft after a credit car skimmer was found at a gas station in Mill Valley on Thursday.

An employee at the Chevron gas station on Tiburon Boulevard found a skimmer device inside the key pad of the gas pump, according to Sgt. Mike Blasi.

The office suspects the skimmer was placed on the gas pump the night before.

Deputies are looking at surveillance footage in the area to try and identify a suspect, Blasi said.

Skimmers are usually not easy to see unless the keypad is open. The device uses Bluetooth technology that allows identity thieves to steal the victim’s personal information once it is inside the card reader, sheriff’s officials said.

No victims of this case have reported any type of fraud, but residents are being asked to use the caution when filling up your car at the gas station.

The sheriff’s office also advises consumers to use gas pumps that are within view of store employees because there is a less likely chance those can be tampered with.

Some skimmers can be place externally, so consumers should also take the time to look for something that looks out of place, officials said.

Drivers should look at their credit card statements for any unusual charges, according to sheriff’s officials.

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