VIDEO: Berkeley residents upset over late-night mail deliveries


BERKELEY (KRON) — Late-night mail deliveries are upsetting many neighbors in Berkeley.

The United States Postal Service said it is struggling to make on-time deliveries because of a worker shortage.

Now, the postal service is hoping to add hundreds of people to get back on track.

“My mail has been coming like 9:30, 10 o’ clock. It’s been coming really late,” North Berkeley resident Tim Hudson said.

Hudson said that in recent months, his mail delivery has become sporadic.

Sometimes letters arrive late into the evening.

“I’m expecting some important mail, and it gets here at 10 o’ clock or 10:30. You know, it’s hard to go through it,” Hudson said.

Stephanie Pardee lives nearby.

She said she has the same problem.

“Sometimes not at all. Sometimes 8, 9 at night,” Paradee said.

The late deliveries may be the result of the post office being short staffed.

The US Post Office says that across the Bay Valley district, which includes all of the East Bay, south past San Jose to King City and from the Big Sur Coast to Santa Cruz, they need to hire 300 people to help with deliveries.

There are 198 post offices across the district, and most are in need of more workers, but the greatest demand is in the East Bay and San Jose.

They also say that the need for more help grows even greater as the holiday shopping season approaches.

Hudson hopes they can get delivery times back to normal soon.

“It should be here no later than 6,” Hudson said.

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