CoCo County supervisor accuses deputies’ union of false attacks

(BCN)—Contra Costa County Supervisor Federal Glover fired back at the county’s Deputy Sheriffs Association today, accusing the union of mischaracterizing a letter of recommendation for a neighbor as a plea for leniency in criminal proceedings.

The sheriff’s association provided a redacted version of the letter on Monday, omitting the subject’s name, and accused Glover of seeking leniency for a man accused of several violent crimes.

But Glover’s campaign said in a statement today that the union was “twisting the truth.”

“There was a letter but it was written for a former neighbor to help his son find a job so he could become self sufficient. They’re skewing the facts which is totally irresponsible,” officials with Glover’s campaign said.

The deputy sheriffs association has endorsed Glover’s opponent, Anamarie Avila Farias, to replace him on the Board of Supervisors. The sheriffs association released the statement denouncing Glover on Monday.

The copy of the Aug. 1 letter provided by the union was redacted with the subject’s name omitted, but Glover’s office confirmed today that it was written on behalf of 33-year-old Carlo Alfonso Camacho.

According to Glover’s office, he wrote the letter on behalf of Camacho at the request of his father. Court records provided by the union indicate that Camacho was charged in July with pistol-whipping a man and making violent threats to two women as he attempted to rob the women at gunpoint on July 12.

The supervisor was unaware of the charges when he wrote the letter, according to Glover’s office.

In the letter, Glover wrote that he had “always known (Camacho) to have a unique ability to work as a tenacious and responsible advocate for his business and the growth of his entrepreneurship.”

“I feel that he possesses the very qualities to enable a person to follow through and succeed in his future endeavors,” Glover wrote.

Union president Shawn Welch released a statement Monday calling Camacho a dangerous criminal and accusing Glover of undermining public safety.

“For Supervisor Glover to lobby for leniency for a dangerous repeat criminal jeopardizes the public and the efforts of hundreds of law enforcement officers throughout the county,” Welch wrote.

“Asking a political favor from the District Attorney to be lenient on dangerous criminals makes our job unnecessarily more difficult and dangerous,” Welch said.

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