Walnut Creek police arrest man in illegal steroid operation

WALNUT CREEK (KRON) — Walnut Creek police have arrested a man accused of selling illegal steroids.

In February, police said they intercepted about 2 pounds of steroids mailed from Hong Kong set to be delivered to the Walnut Creek home of 36-year-old Daniel Tenca. Police served a search warrant on Third Avenue in March.

Tenca was arrested in connection with multiple counts of steroid possession and possession for sales, and manufacturing of illegal drugs.

Officers seized about 10 pounds of powdered steroids, 10 pounds of liquid steroids, and thousands of items consistent with a drug lab and sales enterprises, police said.

Police also seized over $25,000 cash.

“A seizure of this magnitude took months for the numerous items to be analyzed by the crime lab,” police said.

The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office filed a 12-count felony complaint against Tenca. His bail is set at $720.000.

Tenca posted bail and is waiting for his next court appearance.

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