WATCH: Authorities rescue injured black bear hit by a car in Virginia

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Authorities rescued an injured black bear that was hit by a car in Richmond Tuesday afternoon.

According to Richmond Police, the bear was first spotted in the Woodland Heights area of the city at around noon. A few hours later, officials spotted the bear near the Boulevard (Nickel) Bridge, possibly suffering from an injury to its paw. Authorities believe the bear may have been hit by a car.

The bear was tranquilized and transported it for treatment.

“We got a report from the Richmond Police Department that a bear had been hit by a car and was still alive,” explained Jim Patrillo, a Conservation Police Officer with the Department of Game and Inland Game and Fisheries. “So when I got on scene, I just tried to contain it and wait for one of our biologists to get here and dart it. That way we can get it out of here without injury.”

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