Palo Alto police identify man accused of grabbing boy on sidewalk


PALO ALTO (KRON) — Palo Alto police say they have tracked down a suspect who grabbed a boy.

The alleged encounter happened on Monday afternoon when an 11-year-old told investigators the suspect ran up to him, put a hand on his shoulder, and asked for his name.

The boy then ran away. Police said they identified the suspect and interviewed him.

The suspect has been identified as a construction worker in his 20s working nearby at the time of the alleged incident, police said.

It is now up to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office as to whether any charges will be filed.

Police have not named the suspect.

“As the conduct described by the victim could be a misdemeanor, police are not allowed by state law to make an arrest for a misdemeanor that is not committed in their presence. As such, and per standard police procedure, the District Attorney’s Office will review the case. Since no arrest has occurred, police will not be identifying the suspect, his precise age, or his city of residence. If the District Attorney’s Office file charges and the suspect is later arrested, we will identify the suspect at that future point,” police said.

Police do not believe the suspect is connected to a similar incident that happened on Oct. 17.

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