VIDEO: Conjoined twins doing better than expected


NEW YORK (KRON) — The New York doctor treating the once-conjoined twins separated in October now says the boys are doing better than expected.

The mother of the McDonald twins has released photos. She said they show a moment she had long dreamed of being able to actually hold and rock one of her sons, Something she couldn’t do when they were still joined at the top of their heads.

Nicole McDonald got to hold her son Jadon for the first time on Sunday.

His brother Anias is having a slower recovery and can’t be held yet. He had seizures, but medication is keeping them in check.

The babies were separated in a 27-hour surgery last month by a team of doctors in the Bronx.

The lead doctor now says the 13-month-olds are right on target if not ahead of schedule, and might soon be moved to a rehab center.

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