VIDEO: Hundreds gather in downtown Oakland for third night of anti-Trump protests

OAKLAND (KRON) — Hundreds of protesters have gathered in downtown Oakland this evening for a third night of demonstrations against the election of Donald Trump to be President of the United States.

At around 5 p.m., a group of about 30 demonstrators gathered to protest at Frank Ogawa Plaza. Throughout the evening it grew to approximately 1,000 protesters, according to police.

After several speeches at Frank Ogawa Plaza, the group began an unplanned march through downtown Oakland up to the 3400 block of Telegraph Ave. Some of the protestors made their way onto I-580. The California High Patrol responded and managed the incident, police said.

During the march, officers were assaulted by the protestors with M-80s, bottles, and Molotov cocktails. No injuries of either police officers of protesters were reported.

At 9:00 p.m., it was declared an unlawful assembly and announcements were made.

Seven businesses in Oakland’s downtown area have reported vandalism which includes broken glass and graffiti. There were also trash can fires.

At least 11 arrests have been made, according to police. One of those 11 arrested had a cache of Molotov cocktails. Seven citations were also issued. Arrests and citations were for crimes ranging from assault on officers, vandalism, failure to disperse, and public intoxication.

An estimated 7,000 people protested on Thursday night. Demonstrators grew violent as the evening wore on, with police using tear gas and flash bang grenades and protesters throwing rocks, bottles, and fireworks. Police have declared an unlawful assembly.


Two people have been arrested on the freeway. Protesters had broken through a fence to get on the freeway, the CHP tweeted.

All lanes have since reopened.

Protestors broke through a hole in a perimeter fence and blocked I-580 in #Oakland. We are working to clear the freeway now.

Cat Brooks of the Anti Police Terror Project addressed the crowd, saying that it was the police who incited the violence.

Police said they used tear gas only after provoked.

“This is censorship at the hands of Libby Schaaf and OPD,” Brooks said, but called for discipline on Thursday night’s march. “We do not accept or acknowledge the fascist regime of Donald Trump or Libby Schaaf nor do we recognize the authority of her gestapo, otherwise known as OPD.”

Several students in the East Bay were protesting against the election of President-elect Donald Trump earlier on Thursday.

Students planned to walk out of school through social media.

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