Students from 4 Napa high schools protest Trump’s election

NAPA (KRON)—Students from four Napa high schools left classes Thursday morning to protest Donald Trump becoming the next president of the United States.

About 500 students from Napa, New Tech, Vintage and Valley Oak high schools were involved in the protests that began around 9 a.m.

The protests started at Memorial Stadium on Menlo Avenue, Napa Valley Unified School District spokeswoman Elizabeth Emmett said.

Some students spoke at the rally. Staff members and local elected officials attended, Emmett said.

The students organized the march on Wednesday through social media.

Those who participated will have an unexcused absence, Emmett said.

The rally was not allowed by the school district, but the district says they wanted people to have a safe place to go

“I was really impressed with their message,” Emmett said. “It was one of unity and support. There was no profanity or fighting. It was very respectful.”

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