Video: Dogs attack mother and son in Anaheim

ANAHEIM (KRON) — Security cameras captured two dogs that viciously attacked a mother and son in front of their Anaheim home, sending the boy to the hospital with extensive injuries.

The attacked occurred on Tuesday Nov. 8, on the front lawn where two dogs attacked the two-year-old boy and was forced on the ground. The mother quickly ran to protect her son but the dogs began to attack her as well, and chased her to the front door of their home.

According to Spencer Bishop, the father and husband, the attacked lasted for several minutes before they received helped from nearby neighbors.

“It was just a constant battle for five to seven minutes of just terror,” Bishop said. “”She was screaming and yelling for help. And luckily we had two neighbors, one young lady came over with a stick to try to prod them off.”

The mother was scrambling to search for her keys before neighbors came to help. The attacked mother believe’s the two dogs were in a neighbors yard and somehow got loose. The family has since then hired an attorney.

According to Richard Patterson the family attorney, “we will determine the history of these dogs to see if there’s additional responsibility from the criminal aspects that should be applied to this case.”

According to Bishop, his son received big lacerations to his face and leg which required multiple stitches. The son also received some plastic surgery on his face.

Since the accident, the son has been released from the hospital, and the dogs are in the care of animal control.

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