VIDEO: Middle school students chant ‘Build that wall’

(KRON) — Cell phone video caught students chanting “Build that wall” at a middle school in Michigan following Donald Trump getting elected as President.

The incident happened during inside the Royal Oak Middle School cafeteria during lunch on Wednesday.

Some residents are blaming it on kids being kids.

“It’s middle schoolers and they’re juneviles. Their opinions aren’t fully formed,” said one man. “There’s a reason why you need to be 18 to vote.”

Others, however, see it as a dangerous slide into the acceptance of bullying and bigotry.

“It’s just not keeping with my Christian values, to be that kind of a mean-spirited person,” said a mother.

She also says her son is scared.

“My son is scared and he’s white. If he’s scared, I can’t imagine how the minority children feel.”

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