PHOTOS: Shooting, attempted home invasion investigation leads police to Fremont marijuana grow house

(Fremont Police)


FREMONT (KRON) — Fremont police are investigating a shooting and home invasion on Monday that led them to a marijuana grow house.

Police said at around 1:37 a.m., they got a call about shots fired in the area of Mahoney Street and Carole Avenue at Fremont Boulevard and Delaware.

“One reporting party said he woke up to loud yelling and then heard several shots fired in rapid succession and a vehicle leave at a high speed,” police said. “Patrol officers responded to the area, but were unable to locate any evidence of a shooting in the area.”

About 45 minutes later, police said a San Leandro hospital called them about a 28-year-old Oakland man suffering from a gunshot wound. He suffered non-life threatening injuries, police said.

Police later learned the shooting happened on the 42900 block of Fremont Blvd. near the cross street of Delaware.

The victim told police he had been shot during an attempted home invasion in Fremont.

When police arrived at the home, they said they found evidence of the shooting and a “large-scale and sophisticated” marijuana grow.

The shooting “included a blood trail on the driveway and what appeared to be damage caused by a projectile to the windshield of a vehicle parked in the street.”

Police also found that the entire home had been converted to a marijuana grow with hundreds of plants. The windows had been boarded up, and an extensive ventilation and lighting system had been installed, police said.

Police said they later learned the victim, along with others, had been at the home when about two or three masked men tried to go into the home. The suspects and residents then shot at each other, according to police.

Police seized at least eight rounds of ammo from at least two different guns.

The suspects are described as two or three men, wearing masks, and wearing all black clothes.

The suspects sped away in a car driving southbound on Fremont Boulevard toward Auto Mall Parkway, police said.

Police are investigating both the shooting and the marijuana grow.

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