VIDEO: Former California elector addresses petition which calls for Electoral College to vote for Clinton instead of Trump


WALNUT CREEK (KRON) —¬†There is a push underway to reverse the results of the presidential election.

A petition on is calling for the Electoral College to vote for Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump when members cast their votes next month.

KRON4’s J.R. Stone spoke to a former elector on Monday to get her take on whether this strategy will work.

The former mayor of Walnut Creek, Gwen Regalia, told KRON4 it would be highly unlikely enough electors would change their votes to swing the election in favor of Clinton.

“Well, I would think it’s fairly unlikely,” Regalia said. “There could be a few electors who jump ship. I would say it’s, in this particular election, in this particular case, that may happen in some places. I seriously doubt it’s going to happen enough to change the outcome.”

Electors are appointed by their parties.

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