VIDEO: San Jose State, Second Harvest Food Bank handing out food to students struggling to eat


SAN JOSE (KRON) — San Jose State University is looking out for students that are in need, joining with Second Harvest Food Bank and handing out thousands of pounds of food.

Hundreds of students showed up in need of food on Monday. It is a week before Thanksgiving, and it is the perfect time for students to get that extra bit of groceries in their homes.

With the help of the mobile food pantry, Second Harvest loaded up a bunch of trucks with about 10,000 pounds of fresh fruit, vegetables, canned food, and other groceries, and brought them to the school.

This all came about after a recent San Jose State Survey showed that about half of the school’s students are sometimes skipping meals because they can’t afford it.

And about 10 percent of the school’s population is homeless.

October was the first time this collaboration with the school and the food pantry happened, and about 330 students showed up. On Monday, more than 500 students accepted a helping hand.

To qualify, students must have an annual income below $23,540.

This is the first four-year university that Second Harvest has teamed up with.

They plan on returning next month and will figure out a long-term plan for helping students in need.

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