Rob Black’s Winners and Losers: Marijuana’s impact on CA economy

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — On today’s edition of Rob Black’s Winners and Losers, our financial expert Rob Black and KRON 4’s Mark Danon talk about what President Trump means for your pocketbook, the future of Obamacare and marijuana.

When the dust finally settles after Donald Trump’s historic win, where will it leave American consumers, Social Security recipients, student loan holders and taxpayers?

Republicans in Congress have been calling for the repeal of Obamacare since it passed in 2010. With control of both houses of Congress and the presidency, they may finally get their chance to undo huge, consequential parts of the health law next year. If they succeed, about 22 million fewer Americans would have health insurance.

California is the world’s sixth largest economy, only outpaced by the US, China, Japan, Germany, and the UK. The Golden State’s economic output for 2015 came in at $2.46 trillion. Let’s be clear: We’re talking about a single US state economy compared with those of entire countries. California, on that scale, is number six.

Black answers Eddie’s question: What’s next for stocks after the election?

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