VIDEO: Some members of faith community call for US to embrace unity amid anti-Trump protests


ANTIOCH (KRON) — As the anti-Trump protests continue, some members of the faith community are calling on the nation to embrace unity.

An Antioch pastor told KRON4 he hopes Trump will be successful and so should the rest of us.

“I really believe that everything that’s happened recently is a precursor for something happening greater later,” Sr. Pastor Kirkland Smith said.

Over the weekend, Smith said the presidential election dominated his sermon.

“We spoke Sunday morning about unity. We talked about being one body,” Smith said.

Pastor Smith founded the Grace Bible Fellowship of Antioch more than 14 years ago.

A non-denominational church, his congregation is a melting pot of America, made up of different races and religious backgrounds.

He says many of his members are concerned about how President-elect Trump ran his campaign.

But says despite the divisive talk, the American people should take President Obama’s lead and wish the incoming administration well.

“How can we judge someone that’s never had a day in office? We can judge him as a business man. We can judge him as a husband and father. We can judge him as a man. But it’s very difficult to judge him as a politician,” Smith said. “So, I think it’s only fair to give people an opportunity to show you, demonstrate who they are, you know, they all say things to get into office, but let’s give him an opportunity and see what he does.”

Pastor Smith says he supports peaceful protests, especially those carried out by the young people marching in the streets.

But he says that they should also stay involved in the political process after their anger and fear subsides.

“Ultimately, what it will do is it will put those young people in positions that they’re going to be more concerned about the decisions they’re going to make when they’re old enough to have an opportunity to vote,” Smith said. “I’m not crazy about the missing school, but I do think that it’s important that every voice is heard.”

And Pastor Smith says the hope is that President-elect Trump is listening.

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