Fresh local Dungeness crabs are back in the Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Just in time for Thanksgiving, fresh local Dungeness crabs are back in San Francisco.

A day after the commercial season began, the tanks at the Alioto-Lazio Fish Co. on Fisherman’s Wharf were beginning to fill Wednesday and the prized crustaceans were for sale.

Large flags emblazoned with crabs flew outside the fish company that dates to 1941 and a sign advertised all-day happy hour and fresh crab meat shots.

Co-owner Angela Cincotta said, “The season is back on, we are back up and running”

Cincotta said the quality looks fantastic.

“Everyone is pleased with the size and the quality – A perfect storm, in a good way,” she said.

Last year’s season was delayed several months, well after the holidays due to toxic levels of domoic acid that were found in the crab. The closure lasted through March and caused fisherman to lose millions.

“Everyone’s looking forward to being able to continue their holiday tradition of crabs for Thanksgiving and on to Christmas,” said Cincotta.

Along Pier 45 at the wharf Wednesday, smaller boats were trickling in to unload their holds. Larger boats, which can stay out much longer, are not expected until just before the weekend.

The shellfish should be in restaurants Wednesday and in fish markets later in the week. The market price at the wharf ranged from $5.50 to $6.50 a pound.

While standing at Alioto-Lazio and looking at the large tanks filled with Dungeness crab, traveling musician Ante Gelo, from Zagreb said, “We have crabs in Croatia, but not like these.”

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