VIDEO: Chicago school supervisor accused of forcing two students to fight in class


CHICAGO (KRON) — Two elementary school students in Chicago were caught on camera fighting, but it wasn’t the fight that caused concern.

It was that students say the fight was encouraged by an adult supervisor.

Throughout the 3 minute video, there’s an adult voice, not just egging the boys on, but ordering them to fight.

Now, these boys, fifth and sixth graders, are friends.

You can even hear the supervisor reminding them to make sure they’re still friends after the fight.

The boys weren’t injured, but both were traumatized.

In fact, one parent says her son suffered a panic attack after the fight and had to be rushed to a hospital.

“It makes you angry, especially with all the stuff that’s already going on in society today,” mother Tameeah Blackshire said. “It makes you very angry, knowing you have a son and that’s not something you’re teaching him at home. But that’s something that at school, they’re condoning. It’s very, very frustrating.”

School officials sent a letter home to parents saying the person involved was not an employee and is no longer supervising after-school activities.

Parents hope the woman will face charges.

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