Racist slurs plague San Ramon High Schools

SAN RAMON (KRON) — Police are investigating racists slurs and foul languages that have been discovered in San Ramon Valley high schools.

According to police, California High School has received 4 racial incidents, and Monte Vista High School in Danville received one incident.

KRON4’s Maureen Kelly spoke to students and parents from California High School about the continuing problem that involves racist graffiti being discovered there.

Images targeting the African American community was discovered by a student who went inside the boy’s bathroom, Friday morning. One of the images said “I hate n*****,” and “F*** BSU,” which stands for the Black Student Union.

Students from that organization feel threatened, and don’t feel safe such as senior Sierra Gard.

“I just still don’t feel accepted. I feel there are people who don’t want me, don’t want my friends and my club,” Gard said. “I don’t feel that that’s okay because schools a place were you can get away from problems that you might have at home, it’s giving people anxiety everything.”

A spokesperson for San Ramon Valley Unified School District said that the bathrooms were shut down for about half an hour after the discovery, and students were escorted to bathroom at that time.

The bathrooms are being monitored, and an investigation is underway by the San Ramon police department.

Two days ago racist graffiti was discovered at the Monte Vista high school, and the principal said he will be looking at hidden surveillance footage to find out who is responsible.

The urinals in the bathroom were segregated and marked “whites” and “coloreds.”

The school held an emergency meeting to address the act that is being considered hate speech.

A parent meeting is being held at California High School at 6:30 p.m. to address the ongoing problem.

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