Suspect vehicle in San Leandro shooting identified

Suspect Vehicle

SAN LEANDRO (KRON) — Today San Leandro Police Department released a photo of a black, 2015 Dodge Caravan that they believe was involved in a San Leandro shooting. The shooting happened Thursday on the 300 block of Dowling Blvd., and resulted in a head on collision, and the hospitalization of an elderly couple.

Investigators think this could be a rental vehicle. They are asking rental car agencies across the Bay Area to check for recent returns with gunfire damage to similar-looking vehicles, and also check current rentals for cars that match the description that have not yet been returned.

Around 12:30 p.m. Thursday police got reports of shots fired on MacArthur Blvd. near Interstate 580. Police say it appears a Nissan Altima and an unidentified vehicle (possibly the Dodge Caravan), were firing at each other.

Eventually, the Altima began speeding and crashed head on into a Prius occupied by the elderly couple, according to police. It took immense effort to get the couple out of the car before they were taken to a hospital.

Police also found a man with a gunshot wound outside the Nissan. He was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. He was arrested at the hospital in connection with the shooting, as well as reckless driving that resulted in serious injury, police said.

During the initial shootout and crash the two nearby elementary schools, Roosevelt and Washington were on lockdown until police told them it was safe again.

Lt. Robert McManus said the shooting and crash were part of “a violent, vicious attack that doesn’t normally happen in this city.”

“This was a horrible scene,” Lt. McManus said. “The couple in the Prius are innocent victims. They were just driving down the street when they were hit head-on by the Nissan Altima involved in rolling gun battle with others that got away. This should never have happened.”

Anyone who recognizes this car, or has other information about the incident can make an anonymous report at (510) 577-3278, or via text message by texting “TipSLPolice” to 888777.

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