Family upset with Folsom teacher’s lynching comments

FOLSOM (KRON) — A Folsom family is searching for answers after a teacher used a lynching analogy during a lesson at a junior high school.

Tyrie McIntyre’s 13-year-old son Tyler was upset after a history lesson at Sutter Middle School.

“There was a portion in the constitution that covers equality and from what he says the example the teacher gave for equality was if you hang one black person you have to hang them all,” McIntyre said.

Tyler’s parents say the comment had an effect on their son, who was the only black student in the classroom.

“He was embarrassed. He said he felt like all eyes in the classroom were on him. He just kind of wanted to be off to himself,” Victoria , Tyler’s mother, said.

The school district received an official complaint about the incident and the teacher a week after it happened. The teacher, Woody Hart, acknowledged making the comments and has been warned about using “culturally insensitive language.”

The teacher says his intent wasn’t to offend any of his students and that he spends much of his year teaching students about racial equality.

Tyler is no longer in Hart’s class.

CNN Newsource contributed to this report

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