VIDEO: 6-year-old Nebraska girl calls 911, invites deputies to her birthday party


(KRON) — 911 is for emergency calls only but not this time.

Six-year-old Justice Miller wanted deputies in Nebraska to come to her birthday party.

Justice’s mother, Penny, had no idea the girl had made the call.

Penny was outside doing chores when dispatch called her back.


“We got internet through the landline and she didn’t know it was a phone. She had never seen anything but a cellphone,” Penny Miller said.

And later that day, two officers came to the Miller’s home.

Officers say Justice did want the deputies to come to her party.

“She did want us to come to her birthday party in February,” Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy Derek Hanna said. “She thought it was three weeks away instead of three months away. So, that is how she was contacting us to get to her birthday party.”

Officials want to remind people not to call 911 unless it is a true emergency.


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