VIDEO: San Francisco city officials join forces to fight hate in the city, say it won’t be tolerated


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — San Francisco’s mayor, district attorney, and police chief are joining forces to fight hate in the city.

And they are putting locals and visitors on notice that it will not be tolerated.

San Francisco police will be using crime data to locate plainclothes officers in areas where hate crimes have been reported.

Regular officers will be placed in various neighborhoods to deter hate crimes and make a swift arrest if one occurs, city officials said.


“The message is simple, San Francisco has no room for hate,” Mayor Ed Lee said. “City officials and our community partners are united and determined to root out any prejudice in our great city. We will remain a city that embraces the values of inclusiveness, compassion for another, and diversity.”

Interim police Chief Toney Chaplin said in a statement, “We want to make San Francisco a safe place for everyone regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, ancestry or national origin.”

City officials said hate crimes are one of many types of crime that go under-reported annually.

City officials said deterring hate crimes will require, among other things, educating residents so they better understand one another, enforcing hate crime laws and making potential victims aware of resources that can help them.

Human Rights Commission executive director Sheryl Davis assured residents with this statement, “The city will continue to explore new strategies, tools and funding committed to protecting the rights of all its citizens.”

Watch the above video to see Dan’s full report.


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