Tech Report: Black Friday shoppers

DALY CITY(KRON)—Black Friday shoppers busting in a Best Buy in Colma just a couple hours ago.

No stampede, no over aggressiveness, but a good sized crowd.

Walmart, Target and most of the big box retailers opened up Thursday evening to lure people.

KRON4’s Gabe Slate talked to deal hunters to find out what is hot this year including a couple who has been camped out since Tuesday night.

Alex and Brandy have been here outside Best Buy since Tuesday night through the cold and rain.

This year, big screen TV’s are cheaper than ever. KRON4 is seeing 5 to 60 inch TVs going for as low as $200.

The line wrapped around the corner here hours before it opened.

I couldn’t find the end of the line it went into the parking lot and then around another corner.

I tried to count the bodies as they poured in. I stopped counting around 900 it was well over a thousand.

Most people who lined up were here for a big TV.

Otherwise, it was for wearables, laptops, or tablets

Video game systems are also in high demand this Black Friday and of course smartphones.

10-year-old Linda was lined early here to get her first smartphone.

Before Gabe Slate went to Best Buy, he went to Target at the Serramonte Center.

Just a couple hours before they opened, there was no line.

They set up this long barricade but no early tailgaters.

Last year at this time, there were about 1,000 people here.

It was only one person named Jose.

He arrived at about noon for the 6 p.m. opening. He was happy to be first in line to secure getting the tech toy he wanted.

Now at the target down the street in Colma there were about a dozen people including Corrine who was there to get her 8-year-old daughter a gift that keeps selling out everywhere.

Hatchables are like this year’s Furby.

They are robot bird things that hatch out of a giant egg. They are way sold out going on eBay for hundreds of dollars.

If you didn’t make it out, don’t worry. Online from home you can get the same discounts for TVs or whatever you’re looking for.

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