VIDEO: 6-month anniversary of 15-year-old Pearl Pinson’s kidnapping


VALLEJO (KRON) — It has been six months since 15-year-old Pearl Pinson was kidnapped.

On Friday night, her family and the community in Vallejo came together pleading for her return.

A pedestrian overpass is the last place anyone saw Pearl Pinson. That was on May 25. The teenager was on her way to school.

Candles lit up the pedestrian overpass on I-780 in Vallejo.

It is a reminder that Pearl  is still missing.

“It’s my job as a sister to keep her name out there so she can be found,” sister Rose Pinson said.

As time passes, the Pinson family says it only gets harder not knowing what happened to Pearl.

“Anger, its like people don’t care anymore,” father James Pinson said.

This is the first holiday Pearl’s family has spent without her.

“It’s hard because I can’t tell her I love her and that I’m thankful for having her in my life, but I know wherever she’s at, she’s thinking of having dinner with us and celebrating with us,” Rose said.

A witness reported seeing Pinson bleeding and yelling for help as she was being taken by an armed man.

The prime suspect in the case, 19-year old Fernando Castro, died in a shootout with police in Santa Barbara County.

Investigators now say Pearl didn’t know Castro.

Her family says until Pearl is home, they will continue searching.

“It’s a struggle not knowing where she’s at and not knowing if she’s even ok, but I’m staying strong because I know that’s what she wants me to do, and I’m doing it all for her,” Rose said. “Every single move I make, it’s for her, so she can be brought home.”

The suspect in the case was last seen driving a four-door 1997 gold Saturn.

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