VIDEO: Real Christmas trees going fast in Bay Area


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — With Thanksgiving now behind us, some people in the Bay Area are looking forward to Christmas, and for many, that starts with buying a tree.

The Delancey Street lot near Pier 32 started selling their trees on Friday morning.

In just the first several hours here, more than 100 people walked away with a real one.

The people there tell KRON4 they can’t even imagine getting a fake tree.

It’s that time of year where people are out looking for the perfect Christmas tree.

“We are looking for a tree that speaks to us, so something that has personality,” Iris Buchanan said.

“We are just getting started with our holiday season,” Chris Cestaro said. “We are excited to get a new house set up with a new baby.”

A lot of people in the Bay Area come to one of several tree lots run by the Delancey Street Foundation, a Bay Area staple that helps employee ex-convicts and former substance users.

“Great cause, yeah their model is great and the people are always incredibly nice. These guys are terrific, and they have great trees too,” Ashley Goldsmith said.

Ramiro Mejia helps customers who come to this lot near Pier 32.

“We do fire retardant as well, you know, to prevent any fire hazard for a lot of apartments and buildings here in this city. That’s a big deal…,” Mejia said.

Further down the Embarcadero at Orchard Supply store, the fake trees inside aren’t geting much love.

But several customers have bought a real one.

“Some people are traditional,” Orchard Supply associated Linell Williams said. “They like real trees, not really the artificial. And there are occasional customers that don’t like the clean up from real trees, so they go with the artificial trees.”

Those who were out on Friday say they wouldn’t even consider getting a fake tree.

“That would be out of the question,” Buchanan said. “No, we want the smell, we want the real tree.”

People said around the holidays, they value tradition over convenience, so they always opt for the real tree.

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