First on KRON4: Muni fare system hacked in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON)—Muni rides have been free this weekend since the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency computers got hacked.

The hack was discovered Friday, said SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose.

Passengers were not able to purchase transit tickets as a result of the malfunction. Transportation services have not been impacted.

The fare machines at all the stations displayed the message, “you hacked,” according to Rose.

All gates at the Muni station will stay open as a precaution.

Muni anticipates the gates will be operational sometime on Saturday to minimize customer impact.

SFMTA is working to resolve the issue.

KRON4 found a little confusion among riders at a Muni station.

Most riders paused for a second before going through the open gates down to the Muni realizing they don’t have to pay after the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency had its computer system hacked.

Some thought the rides free rides were a Thanksgiving promotion.

“I thought it was basically like you guys can go on and have a good free ride or something,” one rider said.

Since that isn’t the case, it does have riders a little worried.

“It worries me because if they have access to that than they can have access to anything else like bank accounts,” one rider said.

Others wonder why someone would hack a public transit system.

“If they’re going to hack someone why would they hack Muni it’s something that keeps the city together, they need as much money as possible so to hack this system seems counterintuitive,” one rider said.

As of Sunday, all fare machines were back to normal, Rose said.

The incident is still under investigation.

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