VIDEO: Police investigating Pro-Trump vandalism at Concord home

CONCORD (KRON)—Police are investigating what appears to be an act of Pro-Trump vandalism at the home of a Concord family over the weekend.

KRON4’s Maureen Kelly spoke to one of the victims who says she’s not concerned about the political slogans left on her lawn, but is concerned about the destruction of her property.

“I don’t want to sound like an hysteric but people could have been hurt and that was not okay especially with my children in the house,” said Denise Hartlove.

Someone left more than 50 American flags, several of them defaced with pro trump slogans… build the wall now…..or one that reads “I luv the Donald” in front of the Hartlove family’s home just after midnight Saturday.

“One said Trump 17,” Hartlove said “One said ‘America yay’ or something like that.”

At that point, the family says it was just a silly prank.

But then about a half hour after that discovery, they lost power.

“We heard a loud bang and then all of the power went out and we thought oh someone hit a transformer and it was dark like you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face dark,” Hartlove said.

But it turned out that someone stole their electricity meter off of their house.

A new one was put on by PG&E, but it was that rather than the flags that had the Hartlove family scared.

“At that point we thought we are potentially under attack,” Hartlove said.

Denise Hartlove and her husband called the police who are now investigating.

The Hartlove’s believe they know who is behind this vandalism and suspect that is partly motivated by a neighborhood dispute and partly because of their family’s political leanings.

“We are kinda liberals, we voted for Hillary,” Hartlove said.

Concord police have assigned a detective to the case in the meantime the Hartlove’s have installed video cameras around their property in case the vandal or vandals return.

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