VIDEO: Reindeer deliver Domino’s Pizza in Japan


(KRON) — Pizza delivery guys in Japan may start sporting antlers.

Domino’s Pizza in Japan says it is training reindeer at a driving school to deliver pizza in one of the country’s coldest, snowiest regions.

The reindeer will be fully equipped with GPS devices, so customers can check on their progress.

Domino’s is no stranger to marketing ploys. Take the Edible Box that Domino’s UK dreamed up for April fools.

And just last month, Domino’s in New Zealand demonstrated the pizza delivery drone. It flew to the appointed address and lowered a pizza.

Company officials in New Zealand say that in the next couple of years, drones could make up 25 percent of deliveries.

Domino’s plans to start the reindeer delivery service on Dec. 1.


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