Standoff that prompted shelter-in-place in Union City ends, suspect arrested

UNION CITY (KRON) — A man suspected of holding an ex-girlfriend captive for two days has been arrested after a lengthy standoff with Union City police on Tuesday.

Police said just after 3:30 p.m. that the suspect had been taken into custody and the surrounding area was returning to normal.

Union City police were telling residents to shelter-in-place Tuesday morning when a man allegedly held his ex-girlfriend captive for two days and was in a standoff with officers.

A woman called 911 to report a man with a firearm inside a home on the 33900 block of Railroad Avenue and quickly hung up the phone, according to police.

Officers began talking to neighbors and residents to determine who was in the home. They were able to get the woman out of the home, but the suspect was barricaded inside the home and refused to surrender, police said.

The woman said  the suspect, who is her ex-boyfriend, held her captive for the past two days.

Neighbors were evacuated or advised to shelter in place during the standoff.


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