VIDEO: Suspicious incident spotted near Hillsborough home

HILLSBOROUGH (KRON)—-A suspicious circumstance occurred outside a Hillsborough home Thursday afternoon that was captured on the homeowner’s security camera.

It happened around 12:45 p.m. when two passengers went into the driveway.

The passenger left the car and went towards the back of the home.

The driver moved the car backing it into the driveway causing the car to face away from the driveway. The driver left the car, but then noticed the security camera.

He then got back into the car and drove away.

The homeowner was not expecting any deliveries or guests. He also did not recognize the car or the people in the surveillance footage.

The circumstances appear to be suspicious despite no criminal activity depicted in the video.

Police say security cameras and alarm systems are effective measures to prevent any crime.

The Hillsborough Police Department is looking to speak with anyone who might have seen the suspects and the car. If you know anything about this suspicious activity, call 650-375-7552.

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